Technological University Students Unions of Myanmar


Statement of amendment of Myanmar Engineering Council Law

Date 4 January 2019


The Pyithu Hluttaw (People Parliament of Myanmar or House of Representatives or the lower house of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw- (Union Parliament) has amended Myanmar Engineering Council Law on 14 December 2018.

Technological University Students Unions of Myanmar issues the following statement on such amendment.

(1)   The amendment of Myanmar Engineering Council (MEC) Law still allows Ministry of Construction to govern Myanmar Engineering Council as a responsible Ministry and Myanmar Engineering Council is still a branch of Ministry of Construction.

(2)   The responsible Ministry still exercises its authoritarian power which can appoint the group of patrons, permits  all announcement made by Myanmar Engineering Council, permits or refuses to permit any legal action against the councillor of MEC and even if there is strong evidence on breach of MEC Law by MEC Councillor, the councillor will be free from any legal action if Ministry of Construction makes the remark that such breach is based on performance with honesty. Ministry of Construction still retains the power to write any regulation at its will.

(3)   There is no time limit to serve as Patron of MEC  and such fact still exists.

(4)   The power and authorities of MEC patrons which are beyond the original law still exist.

MEC Patrons can choose 20 councillors (33% of MEC) , can direct and supervise the functions of MEC, watch and regulate the functions of MEC and can make exemption on special cases to issue the registration certificates.

(5)   The Government Staff who can not even regularly attend MEC Council meetings and who are not doing the tasks of MEC still take the seats in MEC Council.

(6)   Only PE (Professional Engineers) who are less than 1 percent of Myanmar Engineers Workforce can vote to choose MEC Councillors.

(7)   MEC Regulations which were drafted by Ministry of Construction without any reference to MEC Law still include the duration of apprenticeship (4 years to apply for Registered Engineer and 2 years to apply for Registered Technologist and Registered Technician)

(8)   The fact on the aspects of MEC budget to be transparent to general public before the commencement of financial year has not been included in such amendment.

(9)   High age restriction to become the member of MEC Council has not been reduced. Current age limit is minimum 45 for ordinary councillor, minimum 50 for Executive Councillor, minimum 55 for Secretary and Associate Secretary, minimum 60 for President and Deputy President.


The amendment still lacks the important changes which are essential to really serve for the benefits of Myanmar Engineering.


According to other research studies, many regulations as well as original law are importantly required to change.


The amendment of MEC Law is not effective and change process still lacks the major facts which are to be changed.


All of our advices and suggestions made by Technological Universities Students Unions and Engineers from the worksites to Parliamentary Committee for Transport and Construction were not considered at all.


The current change is not enough and it needs to essentially concern on the suggestions made by Technological Students Unions and Engineers from the worksites at National at The Amyotha Hluttaw (National Parliament) (upper house of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (Union Parliament)


Technological Universities Students Unions of Myanmar will continue to pursue to achieve our requests.


Technological University Students Unions of Myanmar


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