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Membership on IFEES Website

(updated on 11 October 2018)


2018 IFEES Secretariat Report that includes

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World Federation of Engineering Organizations WFEO Membership of IPEM

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IPEM to WFEO Money Transfer Evidence

Although IPEM was accepted as Associate Member by WFEO on 24 July 2018, due to the pressure by Myanmar Engineering Council, WFEO altered its decision by demanding the registration document under the association formation law of Myanmar that was designed to prevent the collaboration of foreigners and Myanmar ctitzens in Executive Committee. (Foreigners can only operate INGO in Myanmar and the associations which are authorised to form in Myanmar can only accept the Myanmar Citizens in their Executive Committees by submitting National ID card and Household list, the foreigners or Ex Myanmar Citizens and Myanmar citizens can not collaborate to form the association which is different from democratic international system.

IPEM will keep those evidences as remarks for Myanmar Engineers struggle toward fair engineering practice in Myanmar

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19 November 2018


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