The Institution of Professional Engineers-Myanmar (IPEM)

(Professional Association for Myanmar and Ex Myanmar Citizen Engineers and International Engineering Friends of Myanmar)

Member of International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES)

Associate Member (Elected 2018) of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)





Membership and Certification


Accreditation & Affiliation


Education and Training Unit


International Higher Education Unit


Engineers Affairs , Local and International Events


Fair Engineering Law and Practice


Myanmar Professional Engineer

Myanmar Technological Universities



(1)        Engineering Education Branch

Myanmar Society of Engineering Educators (MSEE)

Myanmar Society of Engineering Education (MSEE) is established as an Engineering Education Branch of The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar (IPEM) by collaboration with Education and Training Unit, IQY Technical College of The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar (IPEM)

MSEE will have the same Mission & Vision and Objectives of The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar (IPEM)


(2)        General Education Branch

The Institute of Professional Educators Myanmar

Professional Association for All Myanmar Educators including Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Vocational Education and all other disciplines of teaching and training.

Membership and Training Enrolment




(3)        Renewable Energy Branch

The Institute of Renewable Energy Engineers

(4)        Society of Professional Engineers (UK and International) Co-operation



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Myanmar Professional Engineers Group

Myanmar Civil Defence Engineers Group